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92% of B2B technology buyers cited analyst reports and reviews as influential in their purchases.

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Starsight Services.

Gain an unfair competitive advantage with influencer relations.

All B2B buyers surveys point in the same direction: industry analysts are the alpha and omega of all technology influencers.

We help growing technology vendors to get on the radar of industry analysts and influencers, benchmark and coach existing AR teams to improve their operations and support both growth and scale companies to extend their reach in EMEA and globally, for new business areas, to develop their peer review websites programmes or extend to new influencers personas.


Rocket ship / analyst relations

Launch your analyst & influencer relations programme to put your B2B tech company on influencers & analysts map.


Take your analyst & influencer relations programme to the next level with our AR team benchmarking, spokesperson training, coaching, etc.


Space satellite image / analyst relations

Boost and extend your analyst & influencer relations programme with support for landmark evaluations such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant, peer review sites and more.

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Introducing Starsight.

The only Fully IIAR> CertiFied Agency.

Starsight is a specialist consultancy established by three experienced analyst & influencer relations practitioners. We offer growth and scale companies the full scope of strategic expertise and hands-on best practices previously only enjoyed by blue chip vendors. Until now.

Starsight Communications has the unique expertise to deliver insights-led analyst relations strategies that elevate our clients. We understand you: our unmatched in-house track record is second to none –30+ years AR expertise with best in-house teams such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HPE, etc. We’re bold, hands-on and insightful, supporting vendors with strategy, insights and execution.

Ludovic Leforestier / Founder of Starsight Communications / analyst relations expert

Ludovic Leforestier.

Founder & Managing Director.

 Persuasive. Insightful. Visionary.

Lena Tønning Staal / Senior AR Manager, Starsight Communications / analyst relations expert

Lena Tønning Staal.

AR Specialist.

Meticulous. Strategic. Systemiser.

Chloe Roberts / AR Manager, Starsight Communications / analyst relations expert

Chloe Roberts.

AR Manager.

Organised. Curious. Wordsmith.

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The Starsight Collective.

WOrk with the best network.

We are AR specialists… and for the rest we’ve teamed up with the best. Our partners network, the Starsight Collective, brings the right industry experts to augment your team with insights and skills –and a full range of strategic communications services.

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We’d love to discuss how getting on the radar of industry analysts and influencers will position your company in the spotlight and get it noticed by buyers.

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