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The Starsight Collective.

discover the power of analyst relations.


The Starsight team has unparalleled expertise in influencer and analyst relations. For the rest, we call on the best. We have partnered with industry experts that we have met over the years to bring you the Starsight Collective. Together, our network helps your company thrive. Get in touch to discover the power of analyst relations and benefit from our Collective’s expertise!

Nigel Montgomery logo. Black and blue text of company name. Starsight Collective member.

A bespoke technology research and advisory company based in Oxford, UK. The services provided by Nigel Montgomery Limited are based on the 20+ years he previously spent as an industry analyst. 10 at ERP & Value Chain leaders AMR Research – as the first non-US analyst. 10 as an analyst at advisory firm Gartner Inc. To sum up, Nigel has experience and expertise across the industry.

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Eureka Box is a virtual communications agency that helps science and technology businesses to enter, educate and grow international markets. 
Their clients get hands-on involvement from senior consultants. They also benefit from optimised budgets to get more done in more places. Finally, clients receive a consistently high quality of service delivery across markets.

Logo for otter advisory, a blue graphic of an otter above the company name in blue.

Thomas Otter was part of the leadership that scaled SuccessFactors to run over 50 million users. At Gartner, he drove the HRTECH research agenda that helped shape the industry. Today, he subsequently advises leading and emerging HRTECH vendors and their investors, guiding them to build better products and be more successful.

ARInsights logo. Company name in blue and grey text.

ARInsights’ flagship solution, ARchitect enables hundreds of leading companies to further increase awareness and enhance knowledge-sharing with all the industry analysts that influence their business. This is in addition to multiple complementary products. In short, ARInsights help measurably improve the efficiency and productivity of AR professionals every day.

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