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Gain an unfair competitive advantage
with Analyst & influencer relations.

We deliver flawless execution. We are the top AR agency in Europe. Leading technology vendors to being covered by 0 industry analysts into 35+ reports annually. Managing complex analyst events across the globe, from Dubai to Paris, from San Francisco to Berlin. Our services keep those engines running so that you don’t need to worry about dropping analyst requests.

We ace relationships. Topics we have previously covered include hardware, enterprise applications, middleware and tech, financial services and regulation, advertising technology and verticals. Starsight know who to call and how to find an angle to position solutions with industry analysts and influencers for a win-win briefing.

We understand you. Starsighters have unrivalled in-house experience. We know that solving internal roadblocks is often half the solution. With tech backgrounds, we love to dive deep in products to bring you insights from the many conversations we have. We are a strategic partner to help you feel the pulse of the market and gather intelligence to position your solutions for maximum market impact

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Starsight for growth.

Rocket ship for growth services

It’s never too early for analyst & influencer relations. We will get you started with your influencer programme. We’ll help you size and understand the market opportunity, refine and validate your messaging, get on influencers’ radar and boost your credibility with investors. Either use us as a tool to get started or we can do it all for you, hands-free.

Starsight for Teams.

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Astronaut image for teams

Benchmark your analyst relations (AR) team with the Starsight Maturity Framework to see where you are in terms of audience exploration, engagement, AR execution and how you elevate insights and results inside and outside your firm. Afterwards, we create a system for success. We work hands-on and will train new team hires, coach your existing team members and get your function up in operational excellence, therefore allowing you to scale and save time.

STarsight for Projects.

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We will support as a short term resource, temporary cover or full time resource. Starsight can deliver for you if you need help with a Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave, IDC MarketScape, spokesperson training, peer review programmes, influencer & industry analyst relations (AR) advisory, bootstrap your peer review programme or deliver rapid results with any other AR project.

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