A graphic of a Starsight Communications superfan wearing branded swag.

To swag or not to swag? How giveaways can support your analyst relations strategy.

You might have noticed last month that our Twitter timeline was taken over by a hot debate in the analyst relations industry: to swag or not to swag? We saw industry analyst input from a host of firms, including Gartner, Constellation Research, HFS Research, Gigaom, Otter Advisory and VDC Research

Ever been to an event and received a backpack of free stuff, only to have those giveaways (aka swag) sit on a shelf and gather dust? Or maybe you’ve been gifted something that seemed useful, but fell apart the first time you used it? Or maybe you were lucky and you got something free that has lasted and become a staple in your life? 

If you work as an industry analyst, you’ve likely had at least one of these things happen. Probably even all of them, and more than once! If you work in analyst relations, you’ve likely given out gifts like those described. Hopefully yours fell into the last category…