Ludovic Leforestier

Ludovic Leforestier is a recognised thought leader in influencer and analyst relations. He has over 20 years of hands-on analyst relations experience with the very best AR teams such as Oracle and IBM and has built two world-class analyst & influencer relations departments at management firm BearingPoint and AdTech leader Criteo. At BearingPoint, he also led the launch and development of the BearingPoint Institute. He has co-founded the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR>) and is currently serving as one of its Board Members. He is the founder of Starsight Communications, a new kind of analyst & influencer relations agency, offering growth companies the full scope of strategic expertise and hands-on tactics only enjoyed by blue chip vendors until now, and to support scale companies with flawless execution and insights.

A checklist of the five Starsight drills to ensure you get value from your analyst firm research subscriptions, as described in the blog post.

How are your analyst research subscriptions like a gym membership?

Starsight’s five drills to ensure you’re getting value from analyst firms.

How many times have you auto-renewed a gym membership, only to never walk through the door again?  As our partner Thomas Otter says, analyst firm subscriptions are like gym memberships: use it or lose it. You won’t get any money back at the end of the year if you only go to the gym once, and you won’t get money back if you have 10 inquiry hours leftover either. 

It’s easy to buy into the dream that sales teams sell, but it’s your job to make it reality. You should schedule regular assessments of the value being delivered through your subscriptions. If there is none then it’s time to reevaluate your strategy. 

A graphic depiction of the AR impact model by Starsight Communications

What are the 4 business impacts of analyst relations?

Sure, a Gartner Magic Quadrant might look pretty on your website –but did you know that your business will reap benefits far beyond that? Many B2B technology business leaders only come across industry analysts when things are going well and your company has been positively mentioned in an analyst report such as the Gartner Cool Vendors. The other time is when things are not good and you hear that you have lost out on a deal because analysts are recommending your competitors. Analyst relations delivers bang for its buck, creating a positive impact across your company.

10 truths about analyst relations (AR) for a tech startup, by Starsight Communications.

10 truths on Analyst Relations for tech startups

Your tech startup is perfectly poised to disrupt the industry, your MVP is out and beta clients are raving about it. You’re on a path to scale but first, all startups need to answer some life or death questions. How to convince investors your solution is genuinely innovative? Where to expand? What features to prioritise for the best product-market fit? In which category should you play and how to position your offerings to appeal to customer needs?

Industry analysts are the #1 information source for evaluating emerging technologies according to Sapphire’s 2020 CIO Innovation Index –and the #2 source for effective ways for startups to get attention after VC’s. 

Five differences between analyst relations (AR) and PR.

The 5 differences between Analyst relations and PR –and why you should run them separately.

To the untrained eye, public relations (PR) and analyst & B2B influencer relations (AR) share similar traits. But they are very different business functions. 

PR comes out at its best managing a crisis. During quieter times, it delivers repeat coverage. Building brand awareness –essential not only for recognition at the top of the funnel, but builds brand equity over time. 

Navy blue background with Starsight Communications, analyst relations agency logo

Hello world, We are Starsight!

Starsight Communications is a new kind of specialist influencer & analyst relations consultancy. Insights-driven, strategic and hands-on. 

Our name has AR, as in analyst relations, at its core: we’re 100% focussed on B2B influencers & analysts and we exist to help technology vendors build relationships with this demanding audience. We don’t do media relations, or anything else, as a side hustle. We are all influencer and analyst relations experts – and the first agency with 100% IIAR> Certified Professionals. We know our friends in the analyst community and will help you get to know them.

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